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Swisse has a unique complete line-up and combinations of ingredients that aren’t replicated in Hong Kong. Swisse is a brand that doesn’t believe in just helping people with ailments, but in helping people who want to succeed and get ahead in life.

Swisse will be sold in Mannings & Watsons. Swisse will be sold online at Watson's eStore

Most Swisse products are suitable for Vegetarians but not all of them. Not Vegetarian are: Krill Oil, Fish Oil, CoQ10, Glucosamine+Chondroitin, and Vitamin D.

The Swisse product selector which will be available in store can help you determine which products would be most suitable for you. Not all products will be suitable for use in combination so we recommend that you check with your healthcare professional if you want to take multiple products.

More specific response: For general health Multivitamins and fish/ krill oils make a good and safe combination. Multivitamins can also be taken in combination with Sleep, Calcium +Vitamin D, Glucosamine+Chondroitin.

Most of our products have no added artificial preservatives however some might contain natural/ artificial preservatives where required to ensure the stability of the ingredient.

The Swisse products do not contain any added artificial colours or flavours, this information is shown on the label of all Swisse products.

Swisse Ultivite

Most products are produced in Europe.

The Swisse multivitamin products have been formulated to deliver a comprehensive range of vitamins and minerals as well as a broad range of extracts from natural herbs.

Many of the herbal extracts in the Swisse product naturally contain components which have been shown in vitro to have antioxidant activity, such as flavanoids. The benefits of dietary antioxidants in the body is very active area of scientific research.

Swisse Ultivite

In general all our ingredients come from quality suppliers and each raw material spec is audited to ensure it meets our needs.

We recommend referring to the label or to specific information on each individual product page on the Swisse Website for further guidance. Further to this, we recommend that you do not store Swisse supplements in direct sunlight or heat.

We recommend that you consume the Swisse tablets whole. However, if you have difficulties swallowing the tablet in full, you can cut the tablet in half making sure all parts are consumed at the same time.

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